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  1. Redov_RU

    What is Supertest?

    Supertest program is a volunteer group which consists of proactive players —the supertesters— who help our development team to guarantee the stability of patches, checking new game modes and rate prototypes. Volunteers are taking part in various tests. Their main task is to find game errors (bugs), which helps development to fix them before the new version of the client goes live. All found errors are reported on a special service called "Bugtracker". Also, we ask each participant to submit feedback on various tasks. Feedback is important for development, as it allows us to receive information that is important for the project from early stages of the development. Tests are conducted on specific days and times. The dates and times of tests are indicated on this forum in a special section. Tests are organized by Supertest coordinators (hereinafter referred to as STC). Tests can be performed on different game clients, such as: Production (Live client) ST (Main client for the version testing) Public test ( Public test client, it's used for testing tasks as PreProd – final version check) TST (Special client for testing prototypes of modes, maps, armaments, etc.) ClanST (Special client for testing prototypes of modes, maps, armaments, etc.) First three clients (Production, ST, Public) should be installed on your PC at all times. Last two clients (TST, ClanST) are optional. Friendly reminder! Supertest participants often have to download large amounts of data. This shouldn't come as a surprise to you. ST sections on the official forums: ASIA https://forum.worldofwarships.asia/forum/354-supertest/ EU https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/forum/128-supertest/ NA https://forum.worldofwarships.com/forum/372-external-testing-groups/
  2. Redov_RU

    ST academy regulations

    1. General information 1.1. These Regulations define the main elements and procedures of the educational process of the Academy of Supertest (hereinafter AST) within the framework of the World of Warships project, the norms of relations between students and curators, as well as mechanisms for their regulation. 1.2. The graduate of the academy receives a personalized electronic certificate (by the player's ID), confirming the full completion of the courses (perhaps we will make a unique achievement). A graduate of AST has the right in the future, if desired, to apply for participation in the specialized group "Supertest". 1.3. AST students, during the period of study, do not have the official status of volunteers (volunteers) of the project. 1.4. AST students do not have any special privileges over other users, but at the same time they must maintain a positive image of the group, observing the Forum Rules and the Game Rules, in disputes and discussions - remain constructive. 1.5. The current control over the implementation of these Regulations is within the competence of the Academy's curators. 1.6. Participation in AST is recommended for users who: like to play World of Warships, want to help in its development and be the first to see all the updates, sometimes at the prototype stage; Are interested or even versed in game development, are not afraid of difficulties, like to delve into the essence of things thoroughly and get results; Want to gain/expand knowledge in the field of external testing of game projects. 1.5. The AST rules are mandatory for all participants to read and follow. 1.6. The AST rules can be supplemented or changed with mandatory notification of existing participants. 2. Admission to AST 2.1. Recruitment in AST is carried out on a general basis using applications in the topic, on the official forum of the game. After the approval of the application and before admission to the AST, the candidate must wait for the announced start date of the educational process and join it. When registering on the supertest forum, he must accept special rules agreements and a non disclosure agreement (NDA), after which he receives the official status of "Student AST" 2.2. Upon admission to AST, the student receives: Forum group "AST" in the primary group (on the forum ST). Role on the STA Discord server 2.3. In case of retirement from AST, access to all of the items listed in 2.2. is removed from the former student. Also, some accesses can be revoked for violations. 3. Organization 3.1. The duties of the teaching staff include: Ensuring admission to the academy; Monitoring compliance with the charter and rules of the AST; Assistance in authorizing supertesters in accordance with clause 2.3 Assisting AST leaders in data processing and activity tracking; Organization of educational processes and their conduct; Resolution of controversial situations arising in the learning process; Making a final decision on the student's course of study. 3.2. Academy students are required to follow the instructions of teachers and supervisors, who, in turn, must always act in the best interest of the AST and adhere to regulations. Feedback and complaints about the activities of the teaching staff can be sent to the head of the AST by messaging him on the official forum, with the obligatory addition of the discussed teachers to the correspondence. 4. Means of communication 4.1. AST uses the following means of communication: Official forum of the game (special AST section and private messages) Supertest Discord server Supertest Forum 4.2. AST members are required to use all three means of communication. 4.3. All AST members, immediately after enrollment, must subscribe to the forum topic "News and Announcements" in order to receive prompt notifications of important events. 4.4. All AST members must be authorized in Discord. 4.5. For all members of the AST, the nickname in Discord must match the game nickname. Example: MedvedevTD 5. Regulations of the educational process 5.1. Instructional lectures are held on predetermined days and times. The lecture schedule is determined in advance and posted in a publicly accessible place (the official forum in a special section). 5.2. Each lecture is an important stage of learning. The training is divided into three main topics. One lecture is organized for each topic. 1. Tasks and methods - theory course main goals of the group methods for testing of ST version tasks prototype testing methods culture of behavior on forums, discord and other social platforms motivation Feedback What is feedback and its value - theory Feedback: formatting - theory Feedback: standard - theory Practical assignments. Bugreports What is a bug report and its value - theory Bugreport: description of the steps of reproduction - theory Bugreport: preparing the necessary files - theory Practical assignments. 5.3. Sessions are conducted online, by voice or video, so it is extremely important to maintain order and not interfere with the educational process. 5.4. The beginning of the session and its end must be announced in the "AST announcement" Discord news channel 5.5. Small files (screenshots, replays and small logs) must be attached using the Supertest forum functionality. 5.6. If, to ensure the learning process, there is a need to attach a large file (dump, for example) or a video, the student of the Academy has the right to use the YouTube service (video) and Google Drive (other files). Please note that you need to upload large files to your personal Google Drive. Prerequisite: in these services, for all content related to confidential information, "access by link" must be set and this link must not be disclosed on third-party resources. 5.7. In order for the students of the Academy to monitor the progress (progress) of their studies and understand the current state of training, we will publish special reports on the Supertest forum. 6. Confidentiality 6.1. If during the course of training the student of the Academy is provided with access to confidential information (this is reported separately) or to the Supertest client, then the student is obliged to observe the confidentiality rules. 6.2. The ST client, as well as any associated logs, files, screenshots and videos, are confidential information. 6.3. A student of the Academy has the right to post confidential information on third-party services only in accordance with clause 5.6 6.4. Violation of confidentiality is considered a gross violation of the rules and can lead to: Exclusion from Supertest Academy Blocking game account in World of Warships. Blocking game account in all projects of Wargaming.net 6.5. Also, a violation of confidentiality is the discussion of any information from the Supertest client that is not in the public domain on the official sites of the game, in the presence of persons who are not ST members or developers. 7. Incentives 7.1. The Supertest Academy does not have any system of mandatory payments of doubloons or other compensation and incentives. At the same time, we reserve the right to give various gifts to the Participants of the Academy based on our own understanding of the assessment or reasons. 8. Penalties and restrictions 8.1. The system of punishments and restrictions is designed to maintain order, comfortable conditions of stay at the Academy, as well as maintain a positive ST image in all Wargaming projects. This system does not replace, but only supplements the Forum Rules and the Game Rules. Whenever possible, the Forum Rules, the Game Rules and the Supertest Rules shall apply together. For example, if the Forum Rules prohibit begging, then this prohibition will apply to the Academy; The described set of rules applies to all possible AST communication channels, including: forum, game and chat (all clients and servers), TeamSpeak, Discord, BugTracker and any other channels where AST-related communication takes place; Any controversial situations under clause 8 and the nuances of applying the rules are resolved and considered by the leaders of the AST; 8.2. Missing any lecture automatically entails the student's expulsion from the Academy. 8.3. Violations: 8.3.1. Interfering with other learners (directly or indirectly) 8.3.2. Flood and offtopic, swearing, shouting, rudeness, trolling, insults, persecution of users 8.3.3. Discussion of contemporary politics, negative discussion of religion, racism 8.3.4. Discussion of clans, direct advertising, spam 8.3.5. Inconstructive discussion of the actions of the project administration 8.3.6. Dissemination of knowingly false information 8.3.7. Negative discussion of participants of other volunteer groups of the project 8.3.8. Not responding to Curators 8.4. In case of violation of one of the subparagraphs of clause 8.3 for the first time, unsystematically or with partially justifying circumstances, at the discretion of the curator or the head of the Academy, a "Verbal Warning" (hereinafter VW) and an explanation (what they did wrong, as they should have done) may be issued; 8.5. The violation is entered in a special list available to the curators and leaders of the Academy; 8.6. With the accumulation of three violations, or in the case of serious violations, the student is expelled from the Academy. Re-admission is possible only after a six-month "penalty" period; 8.7. In case of a serious violation of the rules or a simultaneous violation of several points of the rules at once, instead of several verbal warnings, the student is expelled from the Academy. 8.8. In case of serious violations of the Rules of the Game, not directly related to the activities of training at the Academy (for example, use of prohibited modifications of the game, bots), the student is expelled from the Academy.
  3. Redov_RU

    About Supertest Academy

    The main goals of the Academy are describing and explaining the main tasks of the Supertest group, types of testing, sharing methods for finding game errors and reporting them correctly for further consideration and correction, explanation of how to provide feedback accurately. The Academy is an enriching learning process. The knowledge you learn here will give you a solid start to get some basis in the game development process. Training is divided into three main stages: Tasks and methods - theory course The main goals of the group What/why/how we test Questions and answers Feedback What is gathering feedback and its value Feedback: how and why? Feedback: structure (formatting and standards) Practical tasks Bug report What are bug reports and their value Bugreport: tools Bugreport: describing steps of reproduction Bugreport: preparing the necessary files Practical tasks You can apply for Supertest Academy on this topic EU https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/forum/823-supertest-academy/ ASIA https://forum.worldofwarships.asia/forum/352-supertest-academy/ NA https://forum.worldofwarships.com/forum/373-supertest-academy/ The training takes place in Discord. One of the Supertest Academy curators will send you an invitation to the server. After completing the training, each participant who has successfully passed all three main stages receives an electronic version of the Supertest Academy certificate. The certificate allows you to join the Supertest group if desired. Admission to the Supertest group without an Academy certificate is not possible. Each certificate has a unique number that will need to be associate with a name upon entry. Important! The certificate connects with a specific player's account. We will publish admission dates, the closing of enrollments, dates, and times of lectures as a separate topic in the Supertest Academy forum section. The thread is structured to allow each participant to see only the announcement post and their reply to the topic. The enrollment is open for one month. At the end of the recruitment, the admission is temporarily suspended (the topic is closed). When a new recruitment wave for Supertest Academy participants initiates, a new topic will start in the same section as the previous one.